Podcast: TTT 019 : Acting Skills for Everday Life with actress Sylvia de Fanti

TTT 019 : Acting Skills for Everday Life with actress Sylvia de Fanti

0:27:00 mins

15 March 2016

Sylvia de Fanti is an actress and activist and was born in Montreal, Canada.  She spent her childhood in Panama and Hong Kong but has  been living in Rome since she was 10 with the exception of one year in Paris. She studied Science of Communication in La Sapienza University and earned her degree in Cultural Anthropology. She has worked with American, Italian, French and Spanish directors and was a series regular on Italy’s hugely popular and longest-running television series, “Incantesimo”. Her first major role in English was in the epic U.S. series “Empire”, which was set in ancient Rome. She has starred on stage for Italy’s most prestigious theatre directors, touring throughout Italy and Spain, receiving major praise from critics in southern Europe and London. As an activist for the rights of artists, knowledge and entertainment, she co-founded the Roman cultural independent production centre Angelo Mai and occupied the Teatro Valle for three years. Both the “projects” have been bestowed with several European humanitarian and cultural awards. Along with a group of friends and fellow artists, she part of the theatre group Bluemotion.

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