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Thanks for stopping by at the “Map Your Learning” blog. The articles you find here are mainly written by me – Adam Samuel. I am fascinated by how we learn and the best ways to learn. Therefore many of these blog articles are the result of inspiration from places that I have been to, people that I have spoken to and learnt from and things that I have read. I encourage you to interact and positively add to my thoughts and musings with your own comments. If you would like to submit a guest blog please get in contact.

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TTT 020 : Becoming a World Memory Champion with Jonas von Essen (Show Notes)

  Jonas von Essen is a two-time World memory champion who first won the title in 2012 and retained it in 2013. Before stumbling upon a couple of books in his local library he had a relatively normal memory. In this interview, we uncover what it takes to become… Read More

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TTT 015 : Why Reading is Crucial in the Rehabilitation of Prisoners with Lesley Graham (Show Notes)

  In this interview TTT015 with Lesley Graham, we discuss the importance of education and literacy skills in prison. As an educated woman with a degree in Social Administration, Psychology and Criminology Lesley volunteered during her time in prison as a Toe-by… Read More

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SET A GOAL AND ACHIEVE IT! What completing the London Marathon has taught me.

April 26th 2015 was a bitterly cold morning – too cold to be wearing skimpy running shorts. Perhaps it felt even colder to me because only two days previously I had been basking in glorious sunshine in Southern Spain. Instead, I now found myself in Greenwich… Read More

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Language Learning Opportunities all around

My tri-weekly run usually takes me past the fish auction house and past the salt fields Las Salinas in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, where I live, right in the south of Spain and roughly an hour from Morocco. Depending on the time you run, you are bound to get a… Read More

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A hybrid hotbed of diversity and fun

I had already been to Denmark twice before in 2005 and 2006, but only for short trips to Aarhus to visit Morten, a Danish friend of mine, who I met more than 10 years ago during my year abroad in Sardinia, Italy, on the Erasmus program. All I knew of Copenhagen… Read More



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