TTT 020 : Becoming a World Memory Champion with Jonas von Essen (Show Notes)

22 Apr 2016

TTT 020 : Becoming a World Memory Champion with Jonas von Essen (Show Notes)

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Jonas von Essen is a two-time World memory champion who first won the title in 2012 and retained it in 2013. Before stumbling upon a couple of books in his local library he had a relatively normal memory. In this interview, we uncover what it takes to become a world memory champion. We also look at how improving your memory can help you in your studies and everyday life.

Some people think that they don’t have this ability which is of course nonsense as it is a very human ability”

Some questions I ask

How did you become interested in improving your memory?

What were some of the techniques that you studied?

How do you monitor your progress?

Did becoming a memory champion help improve your grades at school?

How has becoming a memory champion changed your life?

How do you apply the techniques you have learnt to everyday life?

What are your future goals and objectives?


How to Develop a Brilliant Memory by Dominic o’ Brien

Moonwalking with Einstein by Josh Foer


Jonas Von Essen

Ed Cooke

Dominic O’ Brien

Organisations & Applications



 Memory Championships


BBC Breakfast News Interview with Jonas



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